Jutsu's Sketchbook

Hey guys,
wanted to post this to see what you all think, this is only my second Zbrush model ever, as the first one i no longer have because Zbrush decided it didn’t want to save it lol… obviously that was my fault :slight_smile: haha… i learned my lesson. So here is my skull, made from a sphere, 3 n half hours with no reference. I want to go back and put some A-symmetry into it and differentiate the back plates a little… its not ment to be totally human and anatomically correct, but at least feasible…

cheers for any C & C u feel like giving.




It looks good. The style gives a true tatoo or a heavy metal cover feel :cool:

I like the feel of your skull and I have drawn a lot of them! I am also very new to this and I am working on a Ghost Rider that I took the skull from and I am using it for the Halloween Challenge and have repurposed that skull for my grim reaper.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: appreciate the comments.

Hey guys, here is a quick Bpr render of my newest Wip… i still have no idea about lighting and rendering… if anyone has comment on the sculpt, they’d be much appreciated.




Looks great, Jutsu!

thanks man. :slight_smile: I appreciate it.

Hey Guys… made another small update to my model, just some fine details and had a go at some cloth… ive never sculpted cloth before, not sure if i should keep it or not. but it was fun

Looks good with the cloth

Here is a small and final update of this sculpt… went back and added some more fine detail, rotated the head a bit and added some A-symmetry and an expression. there is more stuff i could do to it but i need to get onto other stuff.
comments are most welcome.



hey guys…
here is some WiP images of a new character im sculpting… All credit for design and concept goes to LD Austin, an amazing artist who was kind enough to grant me permission to sculpt her chr. So far this is only the base forms, bugger all detail on it yet.

you can find the concept on her blog, 2nd page. here - http://ldaustinart.blogspot.com.au/

and a Timelapse of the dragon is you care to see it - https://vimeo.com/43325094


very nice work man, can’t wait to see this beast done haha … best of luck !!!

Dragons heads looking very cool :smiley:

love the dragon head :slight_smile:

keep at it

that dragon sculpt is damn sick mate, can’t wait till you do a final version of it!:+1:
Great silhouette and the forms are really good aswell!
Keep on going and have fun zbrushing!

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Hey long time no post… been really busy with work and Im currently half way through my Creature Course with Bryan Wynia. here is the result of the first 4 weeks. Please let me know what u think.

Beautiful and great espression

I think you did a great job on the sculpting, but I don’t feel Brian is doing a good job teaching you all to make almost identical copies of his work presentation wise and character design wise. Sorry.

Thanks guys…

@ Chrub - Thanks :slight_smile: appreciate it… I Do understand where your comming from, but in Bryan’s defence, he does encourage everyone to do different ideas… yes granted the main scope is to build a yeti, and everyones looks completely different. But when your new to certain aspects like composition, rendering, colour n what not, and it being a course your learning from ppl tend to try and acheive the same result. But yeh i understand the need to try new things and not copy others workflow to the T.

I do have another version that is different, once i get more time i will revisit. :slight_smile:

thanks again for the feedback guys.

here is the model version, First time sculpting hair, needless to say i could improve it greatly, but i find it quite difficult for the moment. but i’ll keep practicing.