just trying to be not too caricatury...

first I’m very sorry for my english! (sorry for the one how read it in fact)…
this is my first post. it’s just a modeling test. no bump, no reference for the model, no texture at all, and very bad lighting!.. like i say it’s just a modeling test ,how is trying to be, as less caricatuy as possible.
hope you have an opinion to help me improve… thank you.



Nice model! Try to work some more at the nose. Push is back a little in the derection of the eyes (only the part between the eyes), and push up the point of the nose. The ears are good modelled!

hey that’s a pretty damn good first post! I agree with Bas on all points.

I also agree…those are some of the best ears I have seen done here and the greatest ever I have seen on someones first wip here.

Keep up the good work and experiment away and post up some more!

thank you for all the comment i will do some change to the model asp… surly next week…

I am curious to see the next model! You have the good feeling how to model. Keep on going!