JUST an other head...

I have been trying to do a head a week since the begining of this year… well in fact is more a haed for month! I wish I had more time to play around with Zbrush!
so give a way your point of you… thinks!

AH!!! and I almost forgot!! if someone could tell me why my images just show as thumnail? and what do I have to do to make them show directly as picture in my post? thank’s





Welcome again

When you have loaded your image : press the button “Place this image in your post” and then it’s done press the Button “ok”
ps When the image is too little, it’s an attached image :slight_smile:

Frenchy Pilou… it’s exactly what I have done… but it’s seems that the Zbrush forum have some kind of probleme with my modeles:o !!!

well I will try again later.

Y para cambiar de idioma… gracias por el comentario andreseloy… y solo voy a decir… arriba CARDENALES Na’guara!:lol:

tenìa que ser guaro¡¡¡:smiley:

lookin’ good so far !!! keep at it!:+1: :+1:

less try again…


chare your thougt please. (121):slight_smile: