Juiceboxx's TurnTable Render Tutorial

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hey,I figured out it would be a good idea to have a turntable tutorial on the forum. There’s many settings and stuff that can be changed on the movie menu and I thought I could simplify it for you.

Here’s a good setting to render a nice turntable of your model.

Create your Zbrush Doc at twice the output size first of all!

Button DOC ON



Frame size .50

Auto Zoom 0

Recording FPS 20

Playback FPS 40

Snapshot Time 1




Cursor Size 4

Spin Frames 300

Spin Cycles 2

Button Y ON

For the image overlay and fade in and fade out time, it’s as
you wish, personally I don’t use them at all.
Then, you go to MOVIE ------- EXPORT
For the compression setting, I did some test, and I personally use the SORENSON 3 video compression, it’s a very good compression and it keeps all the details on the model, and the final product is quite light (5 to 7 MO)
Here you go, you’ve got a nice turntable of your model, not too slow, not too fast, just perfect.
Let me know if this tutorial is of any use to you, it’s my first and I hope it helps you.


Ok so out of 150 views so far, no one left a comment ?!
Is this really not apreciated or not helping anyone?
Please, left a comment if it helped you it will motivate me to do more tuts.
Thanks ZBrushers!

Thanks for the settings, I was always slightly confused about them but these seem perfect. I’m gonna use them… thanks! :slight_smile:

edit: Is there a way of saving these setting so when zbrush starts they are already setup?

I’m glad someone liked my tutorial.
To save thr setting, I would recommend to make it a script, i think it would be the best way of saving it. Althought, I would do it manualy each time, so you can control the settings if you rather have a slighty faster or slower or etc turntable on a model.

I spent most of my day yesterday looking for a thread like this… I know it was posted back in Aug - and we now have turn table plus… but this was still helpful.
Have you discovered anything new since your last post? What settings do you use with Turn Table Plus?
I’m trying to get a demo reel going… what do you use for settings?

I’ve learned not to expect anything when I post that way I will not be disappointed when no one answers…

Thanks again.

Thanks very much Juiceboxx, super glad you posted this for everyone.

No problem mate !
I’m glad my post is still usefull to people.
Have a good one !


thank u Juiceboxx; i love your tutorial:+1:, this is really helpful.

Thanks this helps alot !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks dude !!


you are welcom, it’s always a pleasure to help, and good to know that people like my tutorial.

Have a good one !

very nice settings!
what render settings you use?

this is great , but I have problems with some of my models . no matter which axis I put them on they still spin way off center and not horizontal . can anybody help ? I’m sure it’s something simple but I just can’t figure it out .

Thanks for the help I am just starting out and this is a great way of being able to show my work really quickly :smiley:

Thanks for your settings, works great.
I just made my first turntable, nothing special on the modeling side, I’m new to Zbrush but it’s OK.


Never to late to say thank you! :+1:

I am trying to find the Sorenson 3 compression setting, but zbrush does not offer me that option, How do I get it? I am using zbrush 4, does that matter?

Its helpful.Thank u so much
.Can u specify the best document size for uploading to youtube or vemeo?

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Thank you
i was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what it is i was doing wrong.

somehow I do not this running these parameters fail to make the sculpture of the full rotation, what can i do?