Judge Dredd Comicon Contest

Hey guys…
this model i’m doing to the comicon contest.
I decide to pick a unusual superhero .
I hope you like it…
I’ll try to finish this in time .:smiley:



and here a link to my post in contest.Soon more updates[




I really like this ;]

Hi Rapha!

great work buddy! keep posting!

Alex oLiver

Hi Guys, sorry for the delay.

Alex Oliver, slocik - Thanks men

I need to run now to finish it in time hehe…

Soon i’'ll post some pictures of the details.

I hope you like it.










as i said…really great character!! waiting to see this finished! :+1:

I’m a big JD fan, and your fine efforts capture all the best elements of both the comic and film versions of JD.

Obviously there’s a good dose of your own personal flare in there also, which shines through.

Lovin this mate :wink:

I sincerely hope you win the comp :wink:

hey rafael!

-love his proportions. very “huante-ish”, imo.
good luck in the challenge.


hey rafe ! amzing work man ! good luck !

Hi guys, sorry for the delay …
Tomorrow i 'll post the low poly’s version…

guhhh - thanks man!!

Angelstein - yeah judge dredd is a great character. thanks a lot man!!

abyss103 - thanks man,

skulll_monster - thank you budy!!

Thanks for all comments guys!! :+1:

Hi Guys!!

Finally i finished the contest…

I hope you like it…


Hey Buddy,

Love the model, the textures and the pose… This is one of the best entries on the contest… :wink:

nice stuff man…

amazing work Rafa!!5 stars from me!


wow he looks super bad ass i love it!

I am the laww!
This comicon contest has sure produced some great works!
Good job!

I love it. Great job

A W E S O M E ! ! ! :+1:

hey rafe, i was going through the entries to this competition and yours is by far on of my favourites. good luck with it mate.
amazing sculpt, pose and render.
5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Fantastic work!!:+1: :+1:

amazing work rafe!!.. very good normal maps too xD