JudeMarv's Sketchbook

Hello, I would like to share my work with everyone :D. Let me know what you guys think.


Sculpting and modelling mostly done in ZBrush. Fibermesh was used for the hair and brought over to XGen for Maya

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Nice work, I like the eyes and the (purple) color setting. Keep up the good work!!!

love all of it!!! but the hair is something else I can’t stop starring at it :+1:

Sweet render! Amazing job done!

Nice composition overall for this person’s portrait. The flow of her hair is eye catching

Thanks everyone for the kind words:D

Currently working on this orc. Scales were done using nanomesh. I’m just trying to figure out what I want the rest of the armor to look like




The armor wasn’t working out for me so I thought I’d go with a more tribal look. Still a WIP. Let me know what you guys think
ZBrush Document.jpg


I like him bare chested with the necklace.


Final Render.


This is absolutely cool. Can I ask what render software did you use for this? The skin texture is so clean…thanks

Thanks. I used VRay with 3 different textures for shallow, mid, and deep scatter.



Wrestler sculpted in ZBrush and rendered out in Maya

One of the first things I’ve ever sculpted ever. Sculpted it around the time my son, Raiden, was born. Rendered using Renderman.


nice job :+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Thank you

your first sculpting, and it shows you observed very closely! very good sculpting, technically, but more important you captured your feeling in this sculpt. beautiful work! (and a beautiful son :-))

Just stunning!