Journey to the West

Hello everyone, this is my first CG work. The original painting concept of this work is from Zhang Moyi, an artist I like very much. The original painting depicts the plot of the four masters of the Tang Dynasty who passed through the Tongtianhe River in the “Journey to the West”. It is a difficult process to learn from them. They have overcome various difficulties and obstacles and finally achieved positive results. This is just like our learning process, we will encounter various problems and solve them through our own efforts. In the end, we will learn.

In this work, my production idea is to build a 3D composition through the overall model, then refine it by role, then render it separately, and finally synthesize the whole picture. I used the zbrush2018 for engraving in the high mode. The hair first made a large shape in zbrush, then extracted the curve from Maya and finally used xgen to generate hair.
This piece is a plot in the “Journey to the West”, one of the four famous Chinese culture books. I hope that everyone can enjoy this work and hope that everyone can enjoy the traditional Chinese culture.

Finally, I want to thank my teacher Yang Guang for guiding and helping me.



02_xiyou_08_3k_White mold.jpg





07_xiyou_wg_sculptris pro.jpg


This is stunning work!