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Hey guys,
So here is a sculpt I did yesterday, roughly 2 hours. Some feedback would be very much appreciated.
Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:



Hi ! I like this one ! It seems you have a good sense of facial anatomy.
Keep up the good work!

Hey this is really good! iv just started to do quick speedsculpt exercises again and its really good practice to learn to put down the important details that define a face! and this one is looking real good dude, so good work!

probably could have developed the ears a bit more before adding the skin cuts :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:
I agree with ears, I’ve decided to take this one a bit further and make a full character, so I’ll be developing it all a bit further, not sure what kind of apparel yet though, but will post with progress soon hopefully. :slight_smile:

Another quick sculpt while I was waiting for work to do yesterday, Feedback always appreciated. :slight_smile:

A practice of the female face, feedback greatly wanted/appreciated! :slight_smile:

woman study.jpg

cute face! :slight_smile:

great face… not much to crit. maybe if you could tell what you where aiming for… -realism, toon etc. -it might be easier to give propper crits.


@ramusW Hey, sometimes I go for more of a cartoonish style, sometimes realism, the main feedback I would like is where things can be improved in general, e.g: anatomy, style or colour

Here is a doodle, inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean