Jose Alves da Silva's (aka Zeoyn) Sketchbook

Really fantastic works, thanks for making this sketchbook zeoyn.

hey zeoyn! Really big fan of your work, really glad you opened a sketchbook thread here! I agree, these works are pretty popular. Nice prints also! Love your renders/compositions! Looking forward to more work from you! =)

very cool work ! :smiley: don’t you mind if you could explain your workflow for to make 3D print since i plan to do it with my aquatic creature.

thx for the possible anwser of you :slight_smile:


Regarding the 3D for printing, it is not very difficult.
You can prepare everything in ZBrush, the main things are:
-Keep all parts of the model watertight. There should be no open polygons anywhere (under certain circumstances this can REALLY screw your model, I have learned it the hard way).
-Try to keep the thinner parts with over 1mm of thickness (at print scale).
-You can (and should in some cases) intersect geometry.
-Respect the laws of physics :smiley: If you want to defy these laws you will have to talk with the printing company as they can create an armature or place weights inside the sculpture to balance it.
-If your objective is to make a mold and cast copies, you will also have to cut the model so that it can be assembled.
-Decimate with the Decimation Master plugin before exporting to keep the file size manageable.
-Use 3DPrint Exporter plugin and save as STL Binary to send it to the printer.

I hope this helps!

great barrio guy. thank for the tips regarding printing models.

Clean shapes, clean 3d sculpting produces great real sculpting.
Beautiful. :+1:

Beautiful models and prints indeed, congrats! Could you tell us where did you print them?

Awesome works. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !

Those prints are superb! If I may ask: How much clean-up and assembly did you have to do? Do you have pics of the seperate parts? What company did the prints?

Thanks for posting :sunglasses:

Actually I didn’t have to clean up anything :slight_smile:
For the 3D print you can have any shape you want, you just have to separate it in pieces if you need to make a mold and copies. These 2 are just prototypes, so there was no cutting involved.

These prints were made at Ownage.

thx you very much for these some tips :slight_smile: but one thing i don’t understand : what does mean “watertight” ? ^^;

also, as you have more experience with 3D print, don’t you mind if i send you my zbrush file that you can inspect them for to make sure they’re ok for 3D print ? ^^ if yes, i will send you from e-mail :slight_smile:

Everything is so almost perfect. I love your style ! And thanks for the trick (smoothdirection brush)

Wow dude !!! Awesome work :roll_eyes: :+1: :+1: :+1: :stuck_out_tongue:

VERY nice, they came out good!

Sweet prints mate, keep it up!!!

Here goes my latest piece: “A break from Bamboo”

A Panda caught by surprise while snacking a fish in the middle of the bamboos - this was the briefing given to me by 3D Artist magazine to support a tutorial focused on modeling and fur creation.

The tutorial has just been released in issue 29 and you can find it here:

Zbrush model:





great interpretation , it’s realy funny!:smiley:

Thanks LOad :slight_smile:

I love your work man. Everything has such a playful cartoonish feel to it. Especially your armadillo. I would love to see what the guys over at Pinchbot could do with a print of it.

Keep up the awesome work. By the way, your Zeoyn Cutter Brush rocks. Best brush I ever for sculpting fat folds / wrinkles. Thank you.

Great works,love your renders,Expecially your fur works…:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great emotion man :smiley: and very well executed! :+1: