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Hi, everybody!! My name is Jorge Alcaide-Marzal, from Valencia, Spain. I am a user of ZBrush since its 3.1 version and I have been visiting this great forum on a very regular basis, mainly to enjoy the art of all the members, but also to learn and get inspiration. Thank you all for being such a fantastic community.

I have been teaching ZBrush for conceptual industrial design at the University. Oh, well, this is always my intention, but my pupils always end up sculpting characters and action figures instead of razors and toasters… As ZBrush is pretty much a hobbie to me, I have used it a lot, but I have rarely finished my works, so I never thought seriously about posting myself. It was about time. I have made a little compilation of some finished sculpts just to get a starting point :slight_smile:


This first post features one of the (old) models I sculpted for my course of introduction to digital sculpting with ZBrush. It is a replica from the cover of «Hom», a comic by the great Spanish artist Carlos Giménez. I know, I didn´t quite capture the strong corporal expression of the characters, and there are many things that now I would do other way. But I like it anyway :). The comic is a beautiful and distressing metaphore about tirany and the «Unity makes strength» motto.


This is a bust of president Abraham Lincoln. I sculpted it to test a 3D printerI had built in a course. I am far from good at achieving likeness in my sculpts, so it was an «out of the comfort zone» task. Rendered in ZBrush and a last one in KeyShot.






An exercise of cartoon sculpting based on an illustration by Georgie Knight. I have sculpted several works to use the 3D models in 2D graphic art for a Galician restaurant, so every now and then, something related to food and wine shows up in my portfolio…


I specially like this one. This is a set arranged in a Valencian Fallas style as an hommage to Miguel de Cervantes in the 400 anniversary of his death, in 2016. The Fallas monuments were shown two years ago in this forum by Moises Ojeda (moiojlo), who recently has also posted his work this year.
The set is composed by several scenes: the figure of Cervantes, with an old feather used to write, is placed in the center. At his left, a scene from «La Galatea»: Elicio and Erastro are near the Tajo river bank. They are shepherds , best friends and both have fallen in love with Galatea, which is also a shepherdess. So lots of sheeps here… At Cervantes’ right side, a scene from «El coloquio de los perros» (Talk of the dogs). Yes, it is the story of two dogs talking. The old medieval building behind them is the Resurrection Hospital. The top part of the set features Don Quixote fighting against the windmills. He is at the top of a pile of chivalric romances (the kind of books which rendered him insane). The dragon is a kind of cameo which intends to compare Don Quixote with Saint Georges. I have an unfinished project of sculpting a Saint Georges piece and I use each opportunity I have to try to compensate!!












A sculpt of a fierce Puss in Boots swordfighting as a musketeer. This model was sculpted to celebrate the International Day of the Cat. The sculpt of the fur was fun and laborious !!








The SEO (Sociedad Española de Ornitología or Spanish Ornithology Society) has declared 2018 as the Year of the Owl. So I am working on a series of sculpts based on this bird.
This is the first one, based on this picture of a wooden carved family of owls. I have a huge interest in using ZBrush sculpts for illustration, so I am always experimenting with this kind of comic style renders. Following Pablander’s guide (thanks a lot, Pablo!!!), I tried several variations to this theme.




Last Fallas Festival in Valencia I had the opportunity of sculpting some of these great ephemeral monuments. This is one of them. It is what is called a «children» Falla. In this Festival, every monument has two versions: a large one, which is usually focused on satirical depictions of our society, politics, sports… and a small one, children oriented, which represents Disney-like characters and children stories. Usually, a drawing of the set is given to be 3D sculpted. This drawing tipically represents a front view with all the characters, but when phisically installed, they are distributed all around the space, in order to have figures from every point of view. So there are differences between the drawing and the final monument. For a 3D interactive model of the final Falla, please visit this link. It was fun and refreshing to sculpt these figures. Not so huge and spectacular as the Na Jordana monument (impressive work, Moisés ;)!!!), but still an honour having taken part in the Festival art creation!!
















Hey Jorge! welcome on board! :wink:
Love the last falla, point that there is a big improvement on it. Puss in boots is one of my favourites too

Thank you for your welcome, Nacho!! And thanks also for the tips for posting :wink:

These are charming - congrats on the top row.:+1:
Must be so exciting to see your work created to this scale

Thank you for your kind comments, Boozy!! Maybe you have mistaken my thread and moiojlo’s one… We have both sculpted Fallas monuments, but the Top Row is (very much deserved!!!) his. :wink:
Anyway, yes!! It is very exciting to see these sculpts brought to life so spectacularly!!!

By the way, I love your unique style of using ZBrush… :slight_smile: