Jordan Peterson - Real Hero #01

Jordan Peterson is the first of the Real Heroes art collection that I am creating. It is about people who fought in the name of truth and inspired me to do the same. Our first hero is the voice of personal responsibility.


I love it!

It’s done in a great style too! It’s cool to see someone do an artistic tribute to JP, he’s a great person!

I find your design original to say the least, this is very cool @elFronza thanks for sharing!

Nice one brother, nice to see you back! strong stuff! perfect dude!

finally something new!!!..Great work!!!

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Great to see this work

Beautifully excecuted technique!!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!

Awesome technique! Much love for Jordan too!

Very cool/original design!

Amazing design and tribute!

I have stopped coming to zbrush central cause it made me puke after seeing the level of some marxist propaganda so to say forced here, also noticable great hate against white people in some ppls posted works here, very well packed in a form “we play dumb”. Not only that that works havent been critized, but praised and sticked out. Clear racism against white people. Shame on zbrush central, really. Nice to see something like this for a change here :). Great work!


This is a really unique style, and it works. Great job!

Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback! Also thanks Zbrush Central admins for placing my work on the top row, to have my work alongside some masterpieces from people that I idolize has been my biggest ambition since I started learning Zbrush 10 years ago :slight_smile:


Cool project Idea and the art style!

Brilliant piece, and a great subject, I have much respect for Jordan Peterson. Id love to hear what Jordan thinks of it.


Well… only god know what that means, but certainly you are somewhere closer to your potential.
Young had it, what was it? Ah, it’s like the future potential you, is reaching present you and manifesting itself in your interests as that’s the path which leads to your potential and perhaps you should consider it.
Each time you face adversity - you grow.

Truly beautiful!

Love your work, very good stylize art!


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