jonone -concept designs and ilustrations with Zbrush

Hi guys

i ve been a big fan of zbrush and alot of the work done in it by talented people, its amazing as everyone knows!
because i was slacking i only started it last year when i took a month off from everything and just did as much as i could in it, and then turning it to Photoshop for final touches, in search for a new process!

with this thread i hope to start posting stuff outside work that i cant show, wips and finals, and learn with you guys.

hope you enjoy the work.


gang robots 5 sb.JPG

ship8_7 sb.JPG

ship2_6 sb.JPG

ship6_5 sb.JPG

ship wips.JPG

had to wait for post approval, so here is another batch!


arab arches sb.JPGand some more environment pieces.
its such a fun thing to indicate in sculpt, in 3d, and not get carried away with details and just leave the impression of something thats there.

As i ve been using Zbrush more and more into my day to day work, its becoming more comfortable for me and more attractive to work first in 3d and then PS. i sometimes reach the same or faster amounts of time spent on work, either it be a ilustration or design.

I hope i can start making small regular updates, just that schedule has been hectic and after a great start of the new year i managed to cut my tendon… im now back at it for a few weeks but the transition has been hard!
Wanted to show some stuff i ve done since thefirst post… will reach current day… curious to hear any opinions… space hall_10 sb.jpgtankbot_5_4 sb.JPG


tankbot1_2 sb.JPG

type of sketches that i do in Zbrush and then Photoshop…

robo fail.jpgrobo sb.JPG

tank bot, a design i wanted to do very close to 100% in ZB…tankbot1_2 sb.JPG
this was an ilustration with a good base in 3d where i masked out different materials and photoshop on top for final touches

the nautilus, intended as a full 3d scene with the submarine abrely submerged underwater and seeing everything in ripples…it was a bit to vfx shot so i went underwater completely…
first try at doing quick ilustrations with ZBrush…went fast and refreshing
as well tried to have a good base from the 3d but then photoshop to adapt the rendering style to something more loose and painterly…
a victorian scene, reminiscent of crystal palace

Ill post some comparisons later with raw render and photoshop final.


a few more things…i hope these confuse people less to why im posting in the zbrush forum!:))
daily_evil mask sb.JPG