Jon Snow


Here is a personal work, started by a speed likeness study and then decided to do some hair and render with it. Hope you like it.

grooms grooms02


Wow! You’ve done an incredible job at (Jon Snow) Ali :clap::clap::clap:

The level of details to the skin pores are amazingly done considering it’s all sculpted with your own alphas!!

Many thanks for sharing your tips with the community too! Much appreciated.
Good to see you back here :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks a lot Jaime, really appreciate your kind words :blush: . That is my pleasure.


Wow bro! What did you do!! You selected a great character for a great work.
Your process work is awesome. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
I like your works dear Ali.

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Beautiful work and very nice details! Thanks for the skin pores breakdown.
Ben | 3DGladiator


nice art, look like the actual thing too. even if i watch part of “game of thrones”.

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I really like this one! Looks very alive. I like it very much that you also model the skin details by hand, that is no longer a matter of course nowadays. :slight_smile:

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this is nice.

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Thank you ZbrushCentral for the TopRow !
3dcube thanks alot man :slight_smile:
Ben_3DGladiator thank you
V-Rex_Freak thanks
Syrus thank you
naghi thanks :slight_smile:


Insanely good!!!

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amazing piece of art that you did and thanks a lot for sharing these images and the breakdown on skin details creation!

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