Joker statues

I am honored to participate in the production of the queen studios 1:3 Joker collection statues, This is the crystallization of teamwork. I am mainly responsible for the work of the 3d part.

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Excellent work Mate!! truly well done!

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Nailed it! :+1:

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The skill of likeness is to both capture how someone actually looks and how we perceive them too look.
You and the team have done both wonderfully.:+1:

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beautiful work

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thanks bro ! @AbbY-Art

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thank you ! @jaime

Thank you! @boozy_floozie

Thank you! @komododragon

Heath Ledger. His demise was truly tragic. Great job of capturing his Joker character. :+1::+1:

Pretty good,Nailed it …!

Great work guys!!:sunglasses::star2:

nice job… I loved the character