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Hey guys I’m John Roscinas, living in the UK 18 year old student. I just signed up and I want to improve on my sculpting so hopefully you’ll be able to help me out :stuck_out_tongue: . I’ve been using ZBrush for a couple of months now and I’ve finished only 3 sculpts so far (and way way more practice sculpts). Please leave any feedback you can I do appreciate it. Thanks!
This is my last sculpt down below and it’s based on this concept (With slight proportion changes)

I really love how this looks. At first it could pass as an extremely skilled 2D painting and then you look closer and notice it’s 3D.

I can only ask if you’d feel ok showing the progress on that process. It’s lovely.

Thanks mate!
I don’t have many shots of the process, but this is what I’ve got:

love it! from my own experience i swear you put all your guts in that sculpt )

Thank you and I think I did! Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are two little sculpts to keep you entertained :smiley:
Creature took me an hour and the other guy 30 minutes, everything is done improvised

The first sculpt is very nice.

ps: I have replied on the other thread (the little breakdown on the rendering).

Okay thanks very much I will check it out. :slight_smile:
For now here is a sculpt that took me a day (and what it’s based on):



Here’s one more little guy I made in a few hours



2H speedsculpt. I think I’m improving on time efficiency, so I’m happy about that. 3.jpg961d60f0ae57a3cdd6082b67af369b96.jpgUntitled-3.jpg



Oh man, I love this last one. Cool sculpt and mainly your colour choices/render.

Hey Johnny, a polypaint tute and render setup would be awesome… if you have time and if well, you want to-:wink:

Thanks, but honestly my rendering is horrible I’m still looking for a decent tutorial. All this is MatCap_White_Cavity and then rendering preview done in “Best” settings, this is not even BPR. And then Auto Color, Auto Contrast and Auto Tone in Photoshop.

Gotcha. Well, how bout just a short recording of you polypainting? I too have seen different ways of polypainting. And some folks polypaint like their painting the interior of a house and others, well, do it like they have the object in front of them and their airbrushing on it. Know what I mean? I am sure you do. I just like to see how different folks approach it… that’s all.

your model so nice, wish i can do like that

Just another WiP
Took me 3 days so far



nice work man.waiting for the finished one.;):+1:

wao, nice style

Thanks guys :slight_smile: