John Locke


ive recently been working on john locke from LOST (channel4)

few problems,

  1. im finding it hard to push the ears, “in”

  2. i dont know how to texture, the videos on the website, dont work, they just play sound

  3. does it even look like him? :confused:

please help guys

im a noob

i also dont know how to make wrinkles and facial marks, like skin pores

Hi there!

I did a ‘sort of’ John Locke as my second head, check this link:


I think you have got some likeness in there, but maybe you’ve sub-divided a little early.
It’s a good idea to get the basic head shape right (which I think you’re close to), then sub-divide, and add details, going from lowest to highest sub-division only when you’re happy with what you’ve got so far.

For texturing, check out the artists in action series, especially work from this man:


If the vids don’t work, try downloading the latest version of quicktime, as that should cure that problem.

Also, try this script out in zbrush:


(I would like to give credit to the person who put that zscript together, but I can’t remember who it was)
That should give you a bit of inspiration too.
Good luck, I hope all that helps,


I found creating a morph target is great for getting that space behind the ears without having to push/pull the ears into the head. Just create a morph target when your ready to do the ears, build up the ears as normal, then use the morph brush to scoop out behind the ears. It will only remove down to the original morph target, and will not cut into the head.

Your model looks like a similar type of bloke, but it does not look lke him ‘yet’ mate, sorry. Everything about it has perfect proportions, which is a good solid start, just work on the features unique to the realword John Locke.

I simply ‘lost’ interest in Lost, yes, crappy pun intended. It’s one of those programmes that should have been a mini or one off series. It’s gone past the point of holding my interest, sadly. It’s a shame, cos I really liked the first series.

ok thanks guys, back to the drawing board :smiley: