John Lennon - The Beatles

I recently watched Get Back, the documentary made me inspired to make a stylized art of each member of the Beatles, I chose to do John first, because he has very exotic characteristics, perfect for styling. I worked on it for two nights, used ZBrush to sculpt and Maya to apply materials and V-Ray to render. Paul might be next.


Really nice. I love it.

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Lovely sculpt Gabriel, can’t wait to see the documentary, heard it’s a treasure :pray:

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Thank you Marco!!!

I’m sure you’ll love the documentary!!!
Jaime, Thank you so much for your support!


You captured his expression well! Looking forward to Paul :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!! :blush: :wave:

How charming! Excellent work and I look forward to more! :+1:

Nice work !! Love it.

Nice job! The Beatles were my favorite band growing up. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the band emerge.

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Again! You are the hero of my heroes! Love your work man… Every single detail, specially as a bass player, the position of the hands OMG!

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Love the stylized look! Are you going to do each member in different eras or are you going to do them all from their rooftop concert?? I look forward to seeing them all either way!

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You’ve got a really amazing style, Gabriel. I’m a fan of your arrtwork

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Love how you have captured the physicality of his particular stance :+1:

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I love this piece! You really captured his look. Can’t wait for the rest! :v:

Wow! Love the style!

Did you use Zmodeler for the Guitar and Amp, or did you do those in Maya? im trying to learn ZModeler right now, but ive been using Blender for Poly Modeling the really hard Surface stuff. would love to just learn ZModeler 100% though.

This is amazing! Great work :smiley:

Nice work! :clap: great style :+1: :+1: :+1: