Joe Black

I’m starting a new thread here where I will post all of my work, from WIPs to finals.
Feel free to comment, and thanks for checking out my work.

Bishamon (Darkstalkers)



cool dark stalker sculpt!, might want to try and make him a bit thicker/beefier~!

Thanks Joe, here is a beefy guy I was working on.

damn hes ripped! cool model


Cool sculpt!

Thanks asecbrush, a fun sculpt I may rework.

Playing with some fibers…
French Hair.jpg

… and Character “Melly” concept borrowed from a DA artist “Katikut” - LINK http://katikut.deviantart.com/

Cool fur on Joe … Just love the Melly sculpt! :+1:

A little side project…
Giraffe Render.jpg

GORDON!!! it’s Kevin buddy! i saw the name Joe Black, and i was like “that can’t be Gordon”, sure enough. i just started playin with zbrush now that i finally have a tablet. i’m such a n00b right now. lovin your stuff man, you’ve come a long way since your demo reel. just checked out your site too, lookin fresh! hit me up man, we haven’t talked in a while. you still use skype?

Nice work, I like your style.

Wow, very cool!
Great job!

Amazing work on the Melly woman character ! Totally love her, would definently have a crush on her haha :smiley:
Looking forward seeing more from youo mate,

I’m glad to see your ZBrushing Kevin, can’t wait to see what you come up with.
Thanks for the comments guys , here are a couple more images of the giraffe models.

Male Orange.jpg
Female Pink.jpg

Amazing work on the expression, totally love the two giraffe!
Great characters really =):+1:

2 mo sculpts…


…and Fatman

Fatman Grey.jpg

love the batman bust!

LMAO! Love your rendition of Batman! Is this the copycat that the Bat said “I don’t wear hockey pads” to in the Dark Knight?

i like batman bust,good work

The BATMAN bust is ace! Love the twisted version of him!