3dtotal have a contest on their website and I wanted to try something different from What I usually do. I use Zbrush to make a very quick sculpt and tried to make the final as an overpaint.

The passes in Zbrush BPR really help!

here is the link if you wanna vote :

and here is the base render in Zbrush + the final render

After :

Base :


Well…you’re now in uncharted territories and doing an excellent job at it. Bravo! :clap: (she’ll need to be in the group shot too:rofl:).

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Ahahah merci Jaime, the group shot gonna be really huge ^^!
It was a quick but interesting exercice. :wink:

Super rendu! Je croyais que c’était un model 2D​:muscle:

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Disons que sans la 3D j’aurais pas ce resultat ^^ mais avec un sculpt rapide et des passes de rendus ca aide vraiment :wink: merci Zbrush :smiley:

Looks awesome =) I like it =)


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Thank you Mr Drust! :smiley: really glad you like it :wink:

A very contemporary Joan Of Arc.
Now perhaps she might wear a yellow vest.

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ahah I got it ^^ thank you mate :wink: cheers!


and Thanks Zbrush Team for the TopRow :slight_smile: