Joan of Arc - Sculpture


This is a piece I sculpted last year as a miniature sculpture for Karol Rudyk Art. The sculpture was cast in 3 sizes, 1:10, 75mm and 32mm, so obviously very small. I included the painted versions of the sculpt for the boxart. Painted by LAN art. It is always challenging to sculpt something that will end up having to work in various sizes, all the way down to 32 mm, having to prioritize form over detail in some instances. Sculpture is based on the concept of Sungryun Park - Female knight.

551d ![565d|800x950]

(upload://8me1BuCSPVZQKxp4ApXEMtZ1spT.jpeg) krd-018-0


Excellent work! I really like it - thanks for sharing. :+1:

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