JM Linares (mane)--sculpts--

Hello everybody, I would like to show you my last jobs with Zbrush and Xsi Softimage. Hope you like

   2d Concept: Denis Zilber: [](

 2d Concept: Brett Bean: [](

 2d Concept: Brett Bean: [](

 2d Concept: Katy Hargrove: [](

 2d Concept: Denis Zilber: [](


your character is sooo awesome! its very refreshing and they are cute too! hahahah! great work sir!



really great!! excelent models!!!
keep going!!!

Beautiful copy, great! :+1:

Great work man , this is a nice style indeed +)


Keep up good work man!

wow, nice ones. Do you come from animation by any chance? …Cause of the flow in your lines, they look very animatable!

Very cool, I love 'em !!

Thanks everybody for your words.
Daidda: the initial intention is not to animate but shading them. But maybe with a bit time. Thanks

nvm, irrelevant.

Good job, would love to see some wireframes.

All images have its credits, only look them.
Best regards

Really good characters! Great style!

I edited my post as soon as I saw you put credits. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I saw the link outside of this site and didn’t notice the credits.

As I said above, this is good work. :slight_smile:

Don´t worry Alon. Here wireframes.








realy nice works and style!

Ps. and greetings to Katy :wink:

beautiful work! I would love to see more :slight_smile:

Hope to see your own concept and style soon!

I relly dig those characters. Charming style :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for your comments.
Best regards