I started this project based on the amazing concept art from Roman Kupriianov - Jjahawa under Bruno Câmara’s mentorship at the early stages.
It was a big challenge for myself to stick with this character and apply everything I’ve learnt to make the highest quality character I could.
Without ZBrush, i would have no idea how to start a project like this and im grateful to have a program that lets me iterate and make many mistakes without penalty.
you can follow me at
https://www.instagram.com/tajnabz/ for updates breakdowns and more porjects



anyone know how to change main post icon?


If you’re talking about the image that is used as a Tile in ZBSee mode, that is created automatically using the first image to be uploaded to the thread.

To go back and change it, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your post and click Go Advanced.
  2. Remove the current ATT codes from the text.
  3. Click the Upload Image or File button.
  4. Delete your current images from the attachments list at the bottom.
  5. Upload only the image that you want to be used for the Tile, and insert it.
  6. Upload and insert your remaining images.
  7. Save the edits.

For future threads, if it’s important to you to use a specific image, upload and insert that one first before you do the rest. That’s all there is to it!

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Will see on top row. Congrats!

Looks fantastic! Everything is spot-on. Great work!
Ben | 3D Gladiator

Thanks Everyone! Thank you ZBC, being at the top has been a long time dream :+1:

great stuff!!:smiley:

Love it.