Ji Gong

Hey,guys. this is my lasted work done in my leisure time.This man is a dignitary of Buddhist.he loved wine and meat,meanwhile,he was wisdom and really kind people used to helping poor people.His classic word was:wine and meat just pass through my body,but buddha has been always in my mind.

he died in 1209,almost 800 years before.There were many novel about him in China. I think he was very characteristic profile so would like to show him to all of you. hope you like .

I made the basic model by Maya,and used Zbrush to make all the details.photoshop for texture,mental ray for rendering.
Ji Gong.jpg




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dud excelent job !!! really like the pose and the attitude of the guy!
keep it up !!

Very amazing:) How can you get so much detail a 4 gig limit? I have much to learn about efficiency…Great job!

Great work! i love the sculpt quality you have there. The face expression and details are very cool too!

Just WOW!
A *5 achievement!
You also exported hair to zb. How many poly there? I wonder.
What a character, the most important.

Incredible work !! :+1:

Love the story behind!, It is always a pleasure when people tells story’s though there characters,
it give them life and meaning and great value. this is a piece of old chinise story told though visual culture created within you:-)


Awesome!!! :+1:

Beautiful work! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Like it very much! So beautiful!

wow… I mean, WOW!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:



Superb! I concur with all that has been said about this work and more! 5*, Top Row, etc … I absolutely love it! Cheers!

Perfect model and great lighting and render.
The hair is geometry?

Well done

Wow…stunning work…This is TOP ROW!

Beautiful work :+1:

Top Row! :wink: :+1:

Absolutely amazing! Very well done. The character in the man’s face is wonderful.


awasome! good work man :slight_smile:

Awesome!!! :+1: