Jewelry Product Photography using Latest Technology

In collaboration with a renowned luxury watch manufacturer, i embarked on a captivating journey to create a square watch video animation for their latest masterpiece—the Intrepid Chronograph. Given the freedom to explore creative possibilities, we delved into extensive research, drawing inspiration from visual trends in the high-end luxury watch industry and the brand’s competitors.

Our CGI photography studio seamlessly translated the vision into hyper-realistic 3D models and animations, showcasing handcrafted timepieces with a unique twist. Ralph Christian’s valuable feedback refined the creative process, emphasizing the importance of infusing the brand’s personality through strategic adjustments in camera angles, lighting, and backgrounds.

The result: a series of compelling product animations that not only met but exceeded expectations, elevating the brand’s e-commerce presence and demonstrating the power of CGI in transforming vague visions into stunning realities. Swipe left to witness the evolution from concept to captivating animation.

For complete case study: https://welpix.com/case-study/square-watch-video-animation-ralph-christian/