Jewelry - From Design to Production with Zbrush

Good morning fellow Zbrushers,

I wanted to share my finished pieces and the process that I used to create my first own jewelry collection.

I used to sketch my designs on paper, but I found that playing with shapes in Zbrush really helps finding my shapes. When I like the shape I make a npr render to see the lines clearly and get a new perspective:

When I am happy with the design I use Zbrush to make a production ready file (right thicknesses, weight/price) using the kitco plugin that comes with Zbrush.

Before going into production I created a render with blender (cylces) to be sure I am happy with it:

Here are some pictures of the final piece:

Recently I also found a way to use Zbrush for the packaging. I rendered the piece with an NPR filter to get a clean outline and used a laser to engrave the boxes the jewelry comes in:

I hope you guys like it, i created several other pieces that way, will post them later! :slight_smile:

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So cool, came out really nice, love it, thanks for sharing the process and good use of the NPR capabilities :clap:

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