Jerry Wooters | Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad

Hey guys! I present you Jerry Wooters aka Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad.
It was hard to deal with the likeness, this is my first time, but I’m kinda happy with the result.
I sculpted him from scratch, for the displacement I used TexturingXYZ maps (texturing.xyz), I manually painted the diffuse map with Polypaint inside Zbrush. Hard surface assets made inside Maya.
Hope you like it! :smiley:
Workflow: Zbrush, Maya, Substance, Mari, Photoshop, Vray



Incredible work! For your first time doing a likeness this is very impressive especially while sculpting from scratch. I’m still yet to nail one myself.

Thanks for sharing this awesome piece :raised_hands:

Hey man! Thanks a lot :smiley: Glad you liked it!

Impressive!.. :+1:

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Thanks! :raised_hands::raised_hands: