Jennifer Aniston

Hello everyone,

Here is some of the renders from the
Jennifer Aniston project.
The renders are from Arnold for Maya.
Its being developed in cooperation with YIIHUU.CC
The tutorial is coming soon.

The model detailed with HD subDiv and skin textures done in polypaint and
refined in Substance painter.

If anyone interested,Please do follow me on artstation.

Any comments and Crits welcome.

rachaelGreen_v11 rachaelGreen_v12 rachaelGreen_v13 rachaelGreen_v14 rachaelGreen_v15 rachaelGreen_v16
rachaelGreen_v1 rachaelGreen_v2 rachaelGreen_v3 rachaelGreen_v4 rachaelGreen_v5 rachaelGreen_v6



WOW! This is really good!!!