JEB's Art thread.

So this is my first post and I’m starting my sketch/art thread.

This is my take on Victor Creed/Sabertooth. These are just some quick renders, I didn’t really set up good shaders or do a lot of compositing. I still have some gear to add and finish adding the some fibermesh. So let’s hear it, all critique is welcome. Thanks.






Finished the sculpting and posed. The skin is too specular. I think I’ll tone that down for the next set of renders I do with a different pose. Thoughts?


Forgot to add the wireframes.


Looks good man. I can’t imagine how many hours it must take to create that much detail.

A different, more Sabretooth like pose. Member comments and critique would be greatly appreciated.



The New poses look great! This version of sabretooth is sick. Can’t wait to see a wolverine!?!?

I’m working on a new figure.


Nice work…a very good study of anatomy and muscles…

Here are some “final” renders from Zbrush. I used a handful of lights and and composited them in Photoshop. Any tips or links to tutorials to get better renders from Zbrush?


The new girl in gymnastic pose’s really amazing.

Non-textured renders of my “yoga girl”.

Great bust! She is very lifelike!

Quick question, whats your tech for weighing skin surfaces on the bust? (ie: like under her chin and around her zygomatic).

The skin looks like it behaves gravity but still has a youthful elasticity.

Thanks Takai. I’m not sure if I fully understand your question, but I’ll attempt to answer it anyway.

I make the face look like a particular person that I have a ton of photo reference for, then customize from there. For example, my Sabretooth started as the actor Jack Palance. This female sculpt started as a model from SuicideGirls.com.
So once I feel like I’ve nailed the likeness, I then move on to making the sculpt look like the character I’m shooting for.

If that doesn’t answer your question, I apologize, I’ll be happy to explain further.

Now with some color. As usual, all comments welcome.




Nice pose; makes me think she ponders the challenges that await her.

Sorry for some poor English thar in the prior question. What I mean is, weighing the skin; giving it the appearance that gravity has taken a hold of a youthful and elastic face. The tools I was experimenting with to try this were:

-Clay (hotkey BCL [sometimes I forget the name of the brush but remember the hotkeys to get it]) with lazymouse @ 1 with intensity under 15, with rounded edge alpha.
-Others have proclaimed using Blob (hkey B) with low intensity and a bumpy or rounded edge alpha
-Sometimes, Buildup (h key BCB) with rounded alpha, lazy step 0.01, super low intensity.

This is just to make skin look thicker in some areas, and to show the weight of the skin. You have achieved this pretty well in the face, curious if you wanted to reveal your technique and insight.

Great piece of work.Keep it up.:wink:

Takai. I understand now. I mainly use the Move Topo brush and Clay or Clay Tubes with a circle or square alpha.

Diablo, Thanks!