JDesroy 's Sketchbook

Hey guys !

I see many artists sharing their sculpts on ZBrush Central. That’s why I want to share with you guy my sculpts too.
The first 2 was speedsculpts I made thanks to a free basemesh done by Leslie Van Den Broeck. I’m actually working on the 3rd sculpts and try to make a low poly for video game.

Hope you like it !
And feel free to comment.


  1. Original concept by Viktor Miller-Gausa (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/499336677409014415/)


  1. Original concept by Cedric Peyravernay (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dishonored-deadeelsgang)


  1. Original concept by Anna Maystrenko (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/flower-41010dcd-d394-43cd-82ce-7d90f7fa0a1f)


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3 excellent designs and modelings. great. Bravo.

Thanks Xada !

I made a quick timelapse for the second sculpt. It’s just the first hours.

Clean and crisp! Much to admire!

You really matched the style of the designs, great work. How did you go about doing all that hair? Inserts?

Thank you ! I’m very glad you like it !

cottonmothcrown -> I posted a quick timelapse above. As you can see I used the CurveStrapSnap Brush and played with the curve fallof to arrange the thickness. Then I smoothed them and dynamesh all straps and base together. Finally I refine the sculpt with Dam_Standard and Orb_Cracks brushes.

Nice sculps man, congrats. where can I donwnload the base mesh you used ?, I checked in Leslie Van Dens page but I couldnt find.

Hi :slight_smile:
You can check here


Pretty cool man. I like the hPolish brush look you gave on the surface!

Really nice designs buddy!

Thanks for the timelapse! Really nice sculpts. I saw your stuff on Artstation and the timelapse provides some nice insight!

Due to the absence of color the cowboy sculpt looks like Mathew Mcconaughey’s character from Dallas Buyers club.

Thanks flamedidea.

Thank you guys !
And Thank you for the TOP ROW gallery !!

subspark -> You are right, It’s indeed Matthew McConaughey from Dallas Buyers Club ^^.

Can you provide some insight into how you merge your subtools? I was working on something today and it made a nasty crease that wouldn’t come out, then Dynamesh lost all my detail. And when you’re drawing with what seems to be the topology tool, is that for a z-remesher?


Amazing work, Julien.

I love the sharp edges on your sculpts, it gives them a whole new personality :slight_smile:

Great your work man! Sick style!:+1:

Love your style…really claye like. The characters you sculpt have sooo much personality. Great Job.

How much time do you spend in each sculpt or practising?? :smiley: Amazing work!

Thanks you all !
Sorry I 'm a bit late to answer.

Andre Lopes -> I spent more or less 4 hours on each sculpt and maybe 1 or 2 hours for the rendering.

I’ve got new stuff for you.
After completing Hearts of Stone, I wanted to have some fun on ZBrush. So I did quick sculpt of Olgierd von Everec (one of characters from the game). You can also find a timelapse for this one (2parts).


Part 01:

Part 02:

I used once again the basemesh of Leslie Van Den Broeck (I love it, that’s all :smiley: )

Hope you like it !