jason brown - sketchbook

Hey, your modeling work is by all standards impressive. May I ask how did you get the renders for the turntables (guardian, snakes, ice governess, etc),
like what shader did you use, is it the Zbrush BPR renderer or something else, etc?
I am really interested in understanding that particular look and I have very little experience with shaders.

Hey Jiwotno I rendered everthing in maya, not sure if you use maya but its a tweaked mia shader with a sss shader plugged in. tho it had to be tweaked for each model to get the best out of it
ill put up a screen grab of the shader network soon.

That would be most appreciated.
Thanks a lot, you’re awesome!

I’m not sure how much you’ll be able to get from this but because i changed the shader alot for each model this is really all i can show.
But it’s pretty simple and seemed to work with each model after a bit of tweaking

let me know if you can’t read my incredible handwriting or nothing makes any sense


Thanks again for your effort Jason. I can read everything allright, yeah, I will probably have to ponder upon this a little,
as I said before I am a total noob at shading but I really dig the look and am pretty sure with some playing around I will eventually get something out of it.

i was missing your thread…f**** amazing works!!!

so here is my concept so far, i wanted to create something beautiful and equally ugly. not sure how stylised or detailed i’m planning on going yet but any suggestions would be most welcome :slight_smile:

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 12.51.39.jpg

pretty awesome stuff in here! I remember being particularly impressed with the mirror guy in snow white! nice work on that! also really digging the little dragon, looks superb! a lot of character to the little guy! all the rest is awesome too! looking forward to seeing how your latest piece unfolds!

so I’ve spent some time adding some detail to the evil side.

SammehSAMURAI - cheers man for the kind words about my work i really appreciate it


looks like my x-wife :smiley:

Hey guys heres a few images from the ice age documentary one of the last pieces i worked on at the mill/tv/film
It was a great project to work on i modelled three types of mammoth (wooly, columbian and mastodon) and also a wooly rhino
to create these i used maya, mudbox and zbrush (people’s face when they read mudbox :evil: don’t worry it’s just some software)
i will post some model images up soon.








Very nice work! Look forward to seeing models and more work! :smiley:

All the best, David

Great work, I love the rendering, modeling, textures, etc. Inspiring stuff!

Really liking those scenes and sculpts…Great :+1:…Am also looking forward to seeing more …Very Inspiring …Thanks for sharing :+1:small_orange_diamond:)


Really gorgeous work! I can’t wait until the US gets this program.

Here’s some stills one of my mammoths - the columbian mammoth.
Cheers guy’s for the nice comments, yea there was a great team of people creating some really nice work & renders
will post the wooly rhino next cheers

here is what my rhino looked like under all the fur. hope you guys like it.

Nice details.

Love the work. I’ve been looking to create and elephant/rhino in 3d so I can composite my daughter on in a scene. Fun stuff.