Hello! I’m calling this one finished (for now). This is a character I modeled from a concept that drew up a while back. I wanted to make a pinup style character for a while now and I thought it would be cool to make her feel very strong and confident as well.

I did this character as the example project for a class I made for Mold3D. You can find out more about the class here: http://www.mold3dacademy.com/creating-appealing-characters-with-dylan-ekren.html

I’ve included a couple of document grabs from zbrush in addition to the render.

I hope you like it!








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Well, I wish there was some way to change this posting so that the image it showed wasn’t the back view of the character… Anyone able to help me with that?

You’ll need to edit your post and delete your current attachments. Next, upload JUST the picture you want to be the main tile. Then upload the remaining pictures. Go ahead and insert all of them in your post and you’ll be all good. :slight_smile:

I think that did it. Thanks Paul!

really nice character, love it!

Or… will that take away from the class you teach at Mold3d? I would like to take that class one day. A little costly at the moment. Do they offer payment plans? Anyway, I would like to see if you could show us some WIP Images?
Love this by the way.


Dem gams! There is a lot of talk about creating characters with appeal.
I think you got that part down pat. Great concept and sculpt.

Edit: Which I see is what your class is all about. :wink:

Congrats on the Top Row Dylan, it’s looking sweet. Can’t wait to see the print too!



Very cool character :smiley: :+1:

It’s really cool work! Congrats toprow !!

Cool stuff… :wink:

Love the proportions and thickness to the legs, not the normal female character proportions you see people always creating!, great stuff, really clean work.

Very Nice,
I’m happy to see some more human proportions on a pinup woman artwork.
So often I scroll through this forum thinking uggggggggggggg at all the balloon breasts and perfectly impossible athletes bodies and porn poses and body armor tit windows.
Strong work. She looks great to me.

Thanks everyone!

Top Row too, wowzah! It’s been a long time goal of mine.

On to the next thing!

Stunning work! Looking great! :+1:

Superb work!

the pose, the style, the attitude…love it all! congrats on top row.

i love the render and forms! :+1:

This seems really simplistic, but it is super cool. I am new to Zbrush. I just got a copy, many today thanks to my school.
About how long does something like this take to model?
How long for texturing?

Rarely do I see such an appealing character. Congratulations !