James VelvetFury P`s (StudyBook)

First Post here I’m hoping to post more online and show my progress, I am currently a student and spend a lot of time studying and that’s what most of my post will be. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.:smiley:


Head study

2018-04-11 13_09_07-ZBrush.png

Anatomy Study

2018-04-16 11_19_18-ZBrush.png

2018-04-28 10_34_24-ZBrush.png
old sculpt

2018-05-01 13_55_12-ZBrush.png
Current Anatomy Study

2018-05-03 16_06_52-ZBrush.jpg


2018-05-03 16_06_52-ZBrush.jpg

Some Marvelous Designer Fun, A great Tutorial by Madina Chionidi on making a jacket and then I did one myself #gamedev #Marvelous Model is from Madina Chionidis Tutorial.https://cubebrush.co/madina?product_id=quguwg …

2018-05-17 17_31_07-Marvelous Designer 7 Personal.png

2018-05-17 17_31_48-Marvelous Designer 7 Personal.png

2018-05-18 16_58_55-Marvelous Designer 7 Personal.png

More marvelous designer fun