Jam Kuradoberi - Guilty Gear

Hey ya Guys/Gals,

I’ve been lurking around zbrushcentral for a really long time now and I’ve finally decided to sign up and start posting some of my stuff. I’m currently working as a 3D generalist, I’m not very experiences and have a lot to learn.

Currently I am working on Jam Kuradoberi from the Guilty Gear fighting series.

This was my reference, I decided to do her my own style but try to keep a bit to the concept

Here are some wips I have, I started with zsphere. I saw all these awesome art started with zsphere so I thought I would try it, I found it a really big struggle.

pretty ugly start

Even though I knew most of her would be covered I decided to sculpt it anyway as it would be anatomy practice as well

The topology didn’t quite work for me and I gave zremesher, but I ended up taking it into topogun to redo. I left out the head as I knew that would be a big focus for me later.

I made the clothes in maya as a base.








I did some work on the cloth folds but, cloth is probably one of my biggest weakness when I started this I thought it was looking alright but decided to start it again and try to push it more.

So after starting again I took my time to look and think about the structure of it.

So finally got it to a point I like and decided to move on to the skirt

SO next up was the pleats on the skirt, I wasn’t sure how to do it. I thought maybe I should just sculpt it but decided against it, I did sculpt the big folds on a simple plane to build the mesh off in topogun so it would have some rythme to it. In Maya I extruded every second edge loop in and the inbetween ones inwards. Then I took it into zbrush to sculpt some imperfections

Also thanks to someone on another forum they pointed out that her shoes are too small which I need to go back and fix. Next I will be working on the sleeves

I have a bit more info on my blog which you might find a bit interesting


Those pleats tuned out really nice. Looking good. Are you going to leave the mesh that thin?

This is going to be pretty incredible. Keep up the good work.

Nyx702: Thanks, buddy I was quite suprised how they turned out as well. I think I might go back and add a bit more non pleated look to it to maybe suggest something like they have been sat on or folder over the time that the pleats aren’t always perfect.

I’ll most likely in the end just do a straight extrude in maya, sometimes when I sculpt something with thickness I forget about it and start to penatrate through and not release. Thanks again

Very nice! I’m liking both the folds and the anatomy. Love her shoulders.

I really like seeing the development of this! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic. You’ve really caught the movement and matched the pose well.

truubluu: Thanks man appreciate the comment

nagulov: Thanks dude, I’m still wondering about the shoulders if I made them too muscular, although in Guilty Gear she is the only fighter who uses no weapons only her fist and feet. So it could make sense, also with SSS a lot of detail will probably be lost.

Icebox64: Thanks no problem buddy. I’ve remember when I was just starting out(still newbie) I saw other peoples art and always wished they would show like how they got there. Trying to do that, but it kind of hard since I end up posting the same thing on different sites and I don’t really want to just say the same thing over and over again. my blog will usually have a bit more depth probably if you are interested

Gordon Robb: Thanks man, I’m a bit worried about the head since I haven’t put it in yet it could totally throw of the pose…I should probably add in a proxy head but I know I would stare at it and not concentrate on the other areas.

Thanks for all the comments guys it’s really encouraging

No way. If you can nail that right pose correctly, the head will be a doddle to you.

I had some time to work on my Jam piece again. I had to re do it about 3 times from scratch since I wasn’t happy about it, there are still parts I’m not happy with so I’ll probably go back at a later date to touch up



need to smooth out the lumpy bits

awesome work keep going!

Looking good!

squeige: Thanks Appreciate it

Icebox64: Cheers Buddy

I spent some time and finally added a face to my Jam piece, I was deciding between a realistic look or go with the concept. Since the other parts were more realistic I decided to go with a semi-realistic look



Next is to figure out how to do the hair

Great looking face. Even without proper eyes, teeth and with simple brows, she already looks very nice. Cannot wait to see it finished.