Jade (Realtime)

This is my latest character, Jade, she’s inspired by the amazing work of Siwoo, the main point of this character was to replicate the feeling in the original concept, I made a few changes like dirt on the face and altered lighting but overall the mood should remain.

artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EV2KdN


amazing work! :+1:

@cgjin Thanks a lot, that’s much appreciated

Truly an impressive piece! That expression on her face is marvelous!

Solid work! Love the expression on her face. Keep it up!
Ben | 3D Gladiator

@[FONT=Tahoma]Thijs de Vries[FONT=Tahoma] and @[FONT=Tahoma]Ben | 3DGladiator[FONT=Tahoma] thank you guys a lot, I really wanted the expression to speak for itself so I’m glad that’s what you mention, more to come soon!