Jack's sculpts

Hello, just started my “journey” with Zbrush. About a week ago I got myself Zbrush, couple of books from Scott Spencer, watched few tutorials on youtube and there we go, my first scuplt is there.

I’m looking forward to any criticism and advices. I’ll update topic with each new project.



ZBrush Document.jpg

Good sculpts.

Thank you :slight_smile:

My another WIP. I got to say that sculpting muscles is pain in the arse :wink:


I’d be grateful for advices :slight_smile:

So, I decided to focus more on detailing the face, than building the body. Effect so far:


Like always, I’d be glad to get some advices or criticism

Final render of the reptile head

Looking forward to some commenets, cheers! :slight_smile:

After few anatomy lessons I decided to create some torso, here is the outcome.

Latest work, no idea for polypaint for now. C&C are welcome!


Latest project, should be done soon :slight_smile: C&C are welcome!

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve done sth, unfortunately had no time.

In about 2 week, I’ll start a course on Gnomon School, to increase my sculpting skills before it start, I decided to make a sculpt every day. I’d be grateful for some comments, especially criticism, as that will tell me in which area I have to improve.

Done yesterday ~4h

Sculpt done today ~ 6h


Sculpt from today :slight_smile:

My try on DotA2 character Rikimaru :slight_smile: C&C are welcome!

Goblin head that I’ve done yesterday :slight_smile: Used Keyshot for the first time to render it, I have to say that this software is amazing. C&C are welcome :slight_smile:

Another two designs I’ve made. First is a Demon Head - inspired by Raphael Grassetti, second one is my creature bust assignment for course that I’m taking. Any c&c will be welcome! Greetings


Learnt some new PolyPainting method and decided to use my previous model for it :slight_smile: