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Bombshells Batman and Catwoman statue for DC Collectibles

Statue I sculpted for DC Collectibles, based on artwork by Ant Lucia.

bat cat keyshot lr.jpgbat cat keyshot2 lr.jpg


bat cat keyshot2 lr.jpg

bat cat keyshot lr.jpg

Catwoman recently unveiled at C2E2 in Chicago, glad I can finally show this piece

JJ CW lr.jpg


JJ CW lr.jpg

Fantastic translation of graphic reality in to form:+1:
May I ask out of technical curiousity , are the figures derived from basemeshes as a beggining stage and do you sculpt them in pose?

Very well sculpted. I really like the poses and the details.

thanks boozy floozie and nebular, not sure about the question, I usually pose a generic body I constructed and then sculpt in the details

This was a fun piece to work on, thought I had posted it earlier but it never showed up…

JJ CG Batgirl 3d lg3.jpg


JJ CG Batgirl 3d lg3.jpg

That is a great in-motion sculpt.
Love the concept.

Thanks Jack for the reply - yes that’s what I meant , apologies if my question wasn’t clear.
Congratulations for the top row :+1:

Amazing pose! Love it!

Thanks Wyatt, the concept was by Joelle Jones, I’m really liking her work for the whole covergirls line. Kind of a challenge to sculpt since the drawings are very graphic ink line sketches.

Thanks Max!

caturday render3.jpgTW CW3.jpgTW CW2.jpgHere’s another Catwoman, this time in her classic costume, the queen of old school gotham crime. The first image is a keyshot render, still trying to get the hang of that program, the second two are painted prototypes


caturday render3.jpg

I like this!

It’s usually a challenge to translate Joelle’s graphic ink line art into a 3D piece, but I’m happy with the way this one printed out, especially the great paint job by Kim Dullaghan. Painted prototype and Keyshot render of the Zbrush sculpt shown.2019-DC-Collectibles-Cover-Girls-Statue-Wonder-Woman-Rebirth-Stanley-Artgerm-Lau-P001.jpgJJWW2blr.jpg






This is the first piece of 3 so far in the J Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies collection, I’m finally getting around to posting it here. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve sculpted so farfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-02.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-03.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-05.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-06.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-07.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-11.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-13.jpgfairytale-fantasies-collection-the-little-mermaid-statue-200504-17.jpg, and the creative team at Sideshow has done an amazing job at bringing her to life.






This is a statue I worked on along with Joe Menna, who started the piece, based on art by Stan Lau. I did most of the Stan Lau Covergirls for DC, this was the first for Sideshow Collectibles. It’s really amazing to see his evolution as an artist and how he’s become such a powerful force in the industry.





interesting ,well done