Jack Black

Hello Everyone,
I would like to share this my new Character model of Jack Black. He is one of the best actor. Model is completely done in zbrush without using any scan or any other materials. For skin details I used my own brushes , no xyz maps or others. For texturing I used polypaint method in zbrush no image projection used in this project. Render is done in arnold maya and hair,beard xgen.

More renders on - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xJBxaY



very nice work

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wow it’s looking amazing :ok_hand:

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Good likeness! :+1:

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Wow! Good job. It’s a perfect likeness. :+1: :+1:

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very powerfull !

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Thankyou everyone

Awesome work , you are becoming better and better. Happy to see your progress.

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Great sculpt! Very realistic and true to his likeness!

You captured his spirit, great work : )

Great likeness. You can easily tell who he is without any other clue but his face.
Nailed it!!

Great job, you captured his essence , and the hair job is super realistic , the last render preview show exactly all the job and the love to the details
I would play with the camera focal and lower it a little bit so his eyes don’t appear so far apart due to high focal point .

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good one