Iz Zadjustor still around?

I used to use this script a couple of years ago, then I stopped doing zbrush at all but I want to come back.

It was really useful to be able to quickly change brush size on the fly.

Does anyone know if this script is still being developed/works for the latest zbrush version?

I use it everyday still work on lasted version 2019.1.2

Cool! Do you have the link for the latest version by any chance?


Here on post #150


Page switching broke at some point in the archive, so that link doesn’t work anymore. I found a windows version that works for 2020.1.1 in the “printable version” :http://archive.zbrushcentral.com/printthread.php?t=182163&pp=15&page=8

My favorite plugin, saves 1000+ clicks each ZBrush session

I have it mapped to 3 hotkeys (3 profiles), X changes brush size, C changes Z Depth, and V changes focal shift.

I couldn’t find a ZAdjustor 2.1 for OSX link :sweat:

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