Iysh project

Working with ZBrush has always given me the feeling of freedom to unleash all of my imagination. In fact, if you master the tools and techniques that ZBrush provides us, this software can act like a flying wing for us… iysh is the name of a new character that I created based on these tools and techniques. You can see short videos of it on my Instagram and become familiar with how it’s made using my method.
instagram : kiarash.tamizkar
hope you all enjoy .

short video of making iysh (@PixoPaul )


damn great design and concept kia

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this is fantastic. Thank you for posting such an inspiring image. Would you be willing to also upload your videos in this post as well?

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tnx brother :v: :metal:

thank you so much ,Yes, it is definitely an honor to upload this short video here.

Thank you for posting. Absolutely stunning hard surface work!
Loved that timelapse video too :mechanical_arm: :trophy:

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Thank you very much dear rodolfosilva :pray: