Ivo Diependaal's Sketchbook

Hi everyone!,

Been some time , since i have been actively on the forums.

Started on some spare time sculpting. Always wanted to do something on four feet.
But most of the time dont get past making busts.

So here begins my journey through lots more nice works.

Started my tiger, bear, rat, dog hybride that i now call Rax from zspehere, did a retopo,
Now in the final detail and tweeking fase.

So wanted some feedback

before starting giving him some colour.

(missing, minor detail feet, retopo /detailing mouth/teeth, make tongue. )


Rax_wip back.jpg

Rax_wip front.jpg

rax front persp.jpg

Rax_wip side.jpg

Nice, clean sculpting. Nice tension in the muscles. Good facial expression. I like it. :+1:

I’d watch that neck, looking too pulled, but the weight of the thing feels real. I love the hind legs. I think a pass with a reference will make this model pop. Good start :+1:

Webhead . . Thanks, hope to finish it up nice :wink:

Framedworld; I now see what you mean, in the compression area looked over the neck muscle tendance , that are now still to pronounced, from default pose.

You’re work looks great btw, fast also. This took me some time, took it slow,

You point out using reference… what i allready did,… o boy :stuck_out_tongue: but i think i need to make some muscle pop more ,to pronounce his powerfull stance.
Thank thats what you’re saying, or is some anatomy just wrong?

nice work

Thanks Hypnotik.

Did some tweaking and added some detail here and the, more compression details especially, and some more refined skin texture all over.

Will probably still improve some points that bug me,. during texturing this week.
Looking forward to bringing more life into him, so cant wait to put some color on.

Also started with another model, a quasi modo character.

I have a specific scene in mind for him, so looking forward to that to.
Will go forward redefining the face before starting with a body.

quasi modo.jpg

Ditched the quick concept sculpt and started from scrach.

Got my inspiration from te old movie acters charles laughton , rondo hatton.

Need to finish up the hands and feet, and than ad some detail en alpha work.

He will be hanging over the ledge of the notre dame and holding on to it.
Looking at Esmeralda. who is far away and out of reach for him. :frowning:

Comments welcome :smiley:

Happy zbrushing!

quasimodo wip5.jpg

Wolf is currently being renderd with mr, still need to make some extra maps to finish its shading.
Will post that when its done.

This is really good sculpting! I like both projects.

I’ll have to agree with Michalis…Great job on both of those pieces posted above…Looking forward to seeing more of your works in here…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Sorry, been a few days. Been really busy with texturing and tweaking shaders.

Not there yet, but wanted to post an update anyway. The basic look is there, some tweaks for the lips need to be done , nails shader, and going to give him some hair.
This all is Mental ray, no zbrush render, wanted to do a production workflow, not just concepting. And offcource dive into some shading.

ps: dont mind the bad lighting, i like my lighting flat for shading tests :wink:

more coming soon, hope you like it :smiley:

Looks Awesome so far…:+1:…Looking forward to seeing where you go with it next…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Took some time, inbetween doing some other stuff, but he is finished!!

Here are some shots from the turntable currently rendering. All renderd in maya ,with mental ray, maya fur used for the hair. more specifications will follow. First some shots! :wink:

Hope you will like it


some glow eyes for fun :wink:


This is kind of totally excellent!

Love it.

nice dog! reminds me of steven chens ~

Came out great :+1:…Fits right into it’s enviroment…Nice use of a subtle muted color pallette…Really enhances the mood and impact of the piece…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Ericshawn,Joe,Spiritdreamer, Thank you, im really glad with it myself also. I’m happy you all like it to :wink: