'I've got a BAD felling 'bout this.'

Hi, everyone. I’ve wanted for awhile to do a submarine picture, so I just sat myself down for this one. Modeled and rendered in Z3. It’s about those moments I think we all have when that little voice tells us NOT to do something. We should listen to that voice more often. Cheers, 50.


Hahahaha, sweet 50! :wink:

I love it. I had that feeling on more than one job over the years! Never did learn to listen to that voice, I can be a contrary cuss! :wink:


What is it about you and these caves??? I always find myself looking at your art and wanting to go in there!!!
I think that probably says something about me instead…:slight_smile:

Great as always…


Ah, finally, an image from the long lost USS Suppository in action.
:cool: Lemo

PS:Turned out fantastic!

I don’t like to use this but…LOL. I am now a true internet geek!

Cool stuff bud…made me laugh!

Peace be with you,

NickZ. :slight_smile:

I like your work a lot - all is nicely done, except for a 3 things :wink:
Colors are too much blue. I mean deep underwater is not a sunny laguna - water don’t look intensively blue.
Second and third thing - frame and letters are not more then horrible. They are killing great piece that you just did, giving that non-professional feeling.


well, hi everyone, it’s great to wake up to a few comments.

Hi, Jason! yeah, I wish that voice would talk louder sometimes, atleast it doesn’t laugh when you get in trouble,…that would be REALLY weird.

Hey, Wordsmith, thanks. You’re a braver man than I.

Hi, lemo, :lol:

Hi, Nickz, thanks, the world should laugh more.

Hi, mitzli, thanks for the critique, I went though several versions of this one. I also since added a periscope to the submarine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking everyone. 50.