Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan

Hello guys, this is ZhangJian.

Here is my first 3DCG artwork.The oil painting comes from the masterpiece of the famous Russian painter Repin《ivan the terrible and his son ivan on november 16, 1581》.

All the characters in the scene were completed in zbrush. I use md to make the clothes, the highpoly were sculpted zbrush.The detail of face using the XYZ Texture by Mari and Zbrush plugin Zwrap.

Finally, I make hair and fur with Xgen and lighting all the models in Maya. Final render with Arnold Render.Photoshop for aftereffect.

Thank my teacher Yang Guang for his great help and guidance during the past six months. It’s nearly impossible for me to finish this work without him.


ZBrush Documenjht1
ZBrush Documenjht


Oh my god I love this really amazing

Impressive work! :clap:

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Wow! Incredible!

I think you captured the atmosphere of that dramatic painting spot on.
the tragic madness in the eyes of Iwan is very moving.

Really nice; final result is excellent. Thanks for sharing =)


Amazing re-creation! :+1:


Beautiful WORK!!! AWESOM!!

Outstanding work!

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Excellent work.

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love it