ISwitch (sometimes broken) when i have to specify a width

When i use my scripts in 2021(.1) (which worked fine in ZBrush2020)
that use ISwitch UI-Elements some of them who had an appropriate width before (autowidth) are now very wide (waste of space). And when i specify a width in most
my scripts it turns them disabled when i click on them.
But some who are setup exactly the same work fine.
Anybody who has the same problem or nows how to fix that ?
When i remove the specified width it works fine again and toggling (storing MVars)
works fine.

Have a nice day.

Ok i found the problem (or why it works for some zScripts).
Tho i explicitly enabled the ISwitch by specifically writing …,0,32 (0: enabled, 32 width)
I still have to do an IEnable for the ISwitches as the …,0 doesn’t seem to be enough.
then i can specify the width without it being disabled on the first press of the switch.

Just in case someone has that issue as well.

Have a nice day,