Issues with Drag Rec brush painting RGB?

Hey guys, I am trying to paint on my sculpted head. I have sprayed the color tones of red, blue, and yellow, and now trying to break up those tones with a default alpha 22. the material channel turned off. the add and sub channels turned off. I do have RGB turned on. Drag Rec brush selected. alpha 22 selected. when i drag on my model I get just a circle of white that gets dragged out and not the vein look. when i change from rgb to add and drag out, I get the sculpted vein look as expected. This is not a new work flow for me but a new result since upgraded to 2021…Am I missing something?

ok guy solved it, i see that there is a Paint Brush. I am on Standard. but need to switch to the paint brush and the drag REC works Fine.

Hello @MarkNunn

The Standard Brush should be able to drag rect stroke paint as well as the Paint brush. It’s just a matter of settings.

Couple possibilities off the top of my head.

  1. The Alpha “A” Button is not enabled.


  1. The alpha may not actually be assigned to the brush. Remember that you have to assign the alpha for each individual brush. If using a custom interface, one issue to look out for is that some of the smaller Alpha selector buttons can glitch out, showing the alpha of the previous brush being active when it actually isn’t. You still have to click on the selector button and assign it.

Thanks for the reply, You are right. I went back and noticed alpha was not on…So i guess the silver lining is now I know a work around. Thanks for the reply.