Iskillitoon Army Pack

The Army Of the Ded!

The Commander!

The Necromancer!

The Soldier!

The Archer!

The Typical Iskillitoon!


I made each character using ZBrush. modeling, painting, Retopo and sculpting were all done inside ZBrush. Then i moved the model to Rizom UV for unwrapping and finally to substance painter for baking normal and base color maps (from vertex paint done in zbrush). after that i moved the model to unreal engine to check for existing artifacts and then after resolving all the issues i moved on to character creator for rigging and posing the character. finally, the posed character was brought to Keyshot for a commercial render.
the cliff scene composition was made in ZBrush using the posed characters and then brought to keyshot.

i would love professionals’ opinions on the artwork and tips on vertex painting.
thank you for your comments and support!

Artstation Link:
ArtStation - Stylized Skeleton Army - Cliff scene

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