Isis me las sculture

Im new herr,im a drawer and 3d sculp for three years.My sculp are basic cartoon style.
Only know use polypaint
And some tool.
I hope learn more things here.
many of some me head have 7,8 hours
Sculp.I had to played in lowpoly,view angles and brightness in red wax…dont have many detail
This is more similar architec sculp as face. GT


More things820a2782ffb050545f50b345fa0c8b5e-d6o8txe.jpgpezloboapd_by_andresperezdelgado-d79yyu5.jpg1439739829300_by_andresperezdelgado-d98mbjk.jpgzbrush_dccccccument_by_andresperezdelgado-d98m9p0.jpgresized_JPEG_1454939980691_1630273555.jpgresized_JPEG_1454940046649_307813932.jpgresized_JPEG_1454939892476_792263744.jpgdragon_by_andresperezdelgado-d98m7r1.jpg

More thingshand_by_andresperezdelgado-d98mbwy.jpgveneno_by_andresperezdelgado-d8aa0go.jpgikki_by_andresperezdelgado-d9b1tvw.jpgscarllet1_by_andresperezdelgado-d9aznsb.jpgciclox_by_andresperezdelgado-d9azo8w.jpgpegaso_by_andresperezdelgado-d9aznbk.jpgeclipse_by_andresperezdelgado-d9nzcbw.jpgccccbasrxxxc_by_andresperezdelgado-d98m8vc.jpg

More 3d stuff and one of me pictures.
Always do the 3dsculp from imaginatión,some
Times use some of me own pictures work.hellnextapd_by_andresperezdelgado-d761cfw.jpgbarcoa_by_andresperezdelgado-d7zpk9v.jpgdark_vader_by_andresperezdelgado-d9kr66j.jpg1432194170246_by_andresperezdelgado-d98ml61.jpgaaa_by_andresperezdelgado-d9aznhg.jpg1439933401372_by_andresperezdelgado-d98mnd4.jpgellayelragon.jpg

Old stuff,some thing dont finish yet,because i eant to do things but dont find the quuck way and then only can to do it with move tool for fix…tiablo.jpg0e72b3efdb7a5cac63a92110dda0de2e-d6nzjnd.jpg56b85348ad09ef8cbe2df20795ea253a-d6qrtqw.jpgyo2014_by_andresperezdelgado-d79rpdf.jpgaire_by_andresperezdelgado-d6uthf6.jpgmaleficaapd_by_andresperezdelgado-d7kz0ch.jpgafro4_by_andresperezdelgado-d76vn7e.jpgyo_by_andresperezdelgado-d7yft8p.jpg

Well ,i think that it that all friends!!
For today :slight_smile:
If you are thinking what is me way for do
All things that i did it.
The lasT years i sleep a lot
FROM LIMBOosito2caras_by_andresperezdelgado-d6rd1gt.jpguroned_pa_by_andresperezdelgado-d7ml1h2.jpgddedededt_by_andresperezdelgado-d8dz28u.jpg245_by_andresperezdelgado-d8dz26z.jpgbig_chernovil_by_andresperezdelgado-d6z0yvj.jpgc8948608f99c3401ce6214a9396f1358-d46a3z5.jpgdragonnegroandres_by_andresperezdelgado-d79i4lm.jpgaliengiger_by_andresperezdelgado-d7yn5i1.jpg

I think these are great. I can see your hand and style really coming through. I like your yoda and how it’s constructed out of basic shapes. So many great tools to learn with zbush. I’ve been diving into the new zclassroom section. It’s way easier to get at the knowledge you seek. Can’t wait to see what you can come up with once you’ve got more of the zbrush tools mastered. I predict some awesomeness. Take care.

Thi s is me las sculture bit not the end.i fix some detail for move all her pieces.I lookin his inglés and more.Dont know what is the way for print 3d and dont have any primer.Maybe someday i can print this,look the error of move and get this doll.
Anyway i can try to do it un traditional way…8iqiq.jpg

Hello,and thanks.glad that you like.
I dont understan so well Only speak a little bit english and my móvil phone dont use the traducer.
im sure that if i get some máster class of zbrush i learn many things but Only have one computer an dont conect this one con internet…paranoid
The Only way for learn watchin vídeos you tube.
Anyway my computer are tild when try to color un keyshot many pieces .Im working with a portátil pc.
Fore is enough .i know use the basic tool and dont do it profesional work.i do it for me entertaiment.
For study the perspective and no more things.
I like muchos to do i.But many times i started in the afternoom and the time pass so quuck.when i ser from the window i ser the sun shining and its warning :))
Thanks again for comment.

I start again with it.Head and move combat Ángel for nice pose.Its a real **** move all pieces.Dont know the easy way for do it.I merge subtools move and later separe diferentes pieces…well…
The light is a material that i find .Lucky im change many things and get fire.Dont use light effects ,3dmax you can iluminaty the material…dont know maybe you know or you had this material or similar .
All me scultures are of me own character and style creation.13233100_1158797614172837_8782774523720921028_n.jpg13256150_1158795417506390_5119393560984283787_n.jpg13230237_1158794974173101_764089894113878182_n.jpg13244885_1158795084173090_3557327589355806562_n.jpg13062427_742402682569429_6334694234056872399_n.jpg969122_722221857920845_922970648488037949_n.jpg1495118_723464724463225_4044770451327974999_o.jpg

Im looking for a good ice and snow material.I get to do it.Lool similar Antártic ice.Looking for good brigtnes.13322101_1160593403993258_4253710878260172888_n.jpg

Turn my own character Luz to mikeyOLZ.jpgrle.jpg

Well ,at The end i do The body for this chivi tenneage mutant ninja.
Cowabunga :slight_smile:ZBrush-DocumentMM.jpg

Hello again,Well ,i was trying to do a balrog head,im looking some detail in book ,but nothing ,only it controled The fire,and bit more.well for his head this detail isnt necessary.i do some sketches and later did it.Remember three devil i did many years ago…balrog.jpg

Im working over the planetIMG_20160703_062940.jpg

A quick tree arbol.jpg

Hello again men and women,The last night im working looking and tunning for do a good fire in zbrush and colored and finish this two sculture.i hope that like you. angel6.jpgangel7.jpgelder.jpgangel5.jpgangel.jpgangel2.jpg

Well,im playing with material with The same sculture only zbrush and instagram fikter :slight_smile:IMG_20160707_220951.jpg

Yesterday i did it The beast,a nice look chewakaZBrush Document-1.jpg

Yesterday i did it .
Im looking a easy way for sculp and eye.its not bad,need a god material for refractZBrush Document (2).jpgZBrush-Documentnn.jpg.entertaiment