Isaac Oster - Sketchbook (breakdown Pg. 10)

I agree man Top row. Nicely Done.:+1:

Very nice dude! And thanks for sharing your workflow

Your hard surface work is extra cool. Thanks for sharing your WIP images too. Great stuff :+1:

cool zbrushn!

very nice. I’m starting my first hard surface character and am going through a similar prosses to this. Its great to see how you are doing it with the same tools and it has inspired me even more. I love topogun because its so easy to use. I’m hopeing that zbrush 4 has a better retopo tool than the one in 3.5
any way really nice work man :+1:

nice, good work…and thanks for the making of…:+1:

I take back my statment about topogun. It is really easy to use but its buggy as hell and keeps crashing for no god reason wich is a bit crappy as I paid $100 for it

Thanks everyone for looking and taking time to comment!

@Daconia - Pick out a specific area or part and I’ll put together a video or a step-by-step.

@LeoAMD - ha ha, quick turn around on that topogun review. Bet the mods loved that. I think I had problems with it at some point, but my experience has been pretty good. The number one thing I cant live without is the ability to move points around after you drop them. It’s possible they added this feature in R3, but I don’t think so. Maybe they’ll have it in 4. Until then, its topogun for me.

@AVTPro - Did you need more info on it or do you think you can extrapolate the technique from the step-by-step?

haha yeh. dont get me wrong I’ve used topogun for a while and its normaly fine and a pleasure to use but when it decides to crash it really gose for it. It just so happens that after I left the first comment topogun immediately started crashing on me and I was in a bad mood LOL
oh yeh just a quik question… when you make the poly groups in max is it just a case of assigning the polygons to groups as normal or is there more to it?

Hi, so I started a new project last weekend. Normally what I like to do is get something as finished as possible before showing it, but I usually can’t (or by then don’t want to) make any changes to integrate the feedback I get. Scroll up a bit for an example. So this time I’m going to try to make a few in-progress posts and see if the hive mind has any suggestions. For this model I’m going for an elephant/Masai warrior thing. I plan to add a lot more necklace beads - the ones in now are just experiments, as well as the red cloaks they wear. Maybe a shield and a spear too. We’ll just have to see. I also included a few earlier in progress grabs. Let me know if anything pops into your head that would be cool to included. Thanks for looking!




hey, your models are very good! :+1:

You have some interesting stuff in your sketchbook.

Thanks for taking a look!

REALLY GREAT MODELS!!! I like them all, particularity the cat and hard surface!!

Here’s an update. I like where some parts of the figure are, other parts still need work. I’m also starting to experiment with the skin surface. The necklace and scarf are still just blocked in. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


Looking awesome:+1:

Like your style.:+1:

I love it, very nice sense of stucture!!!:smiley:

Sticking a fork in this one. I was starting to bog down in props and posing, and I didn’t really think any of it was helping the model to be more interesting. I did keep the updated necklace and added some more information to the skin. Thanks for looking!


Nice one…:+1: .Great thread…:slight_smile: