"Is this some kind of bust?" - my zbrush works

Hi, I’ve been learning Zbrush for a while now for fun in my spare time. If I could, I would spend all day playing around in it, it’s amazing software! :smiley:

I’m a really big Dishonored fan so I’ll start the thread off with some fan art sculpts I’ve had the most fun with:

Esmond Roseburrow - Based on a character from the Tales of Dunwall animations - rendered in Modo

Emily Kaldwin - Based on the Dishonored 2 trailer - rendered in Modo

Admiral Havelock - rendered in Modo

Granny Rags - Rendered in Zbrush

Dead Eels gang member - rendered in Zbrush - One of my first finished sculpts and I still have a soft spot for it!

The Outsider - Rendered in Modo



Wow, these are excellent busts! Full of character and presence. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to more!

I like your sculpt! )

I love the style of these. They’re great. I also love the Police Squad reference in the title :slight_smile:

Really nice stuffs is going on here. Like your works and like to see it in Top Row next time. :+1:

Thanks all, really appreciate the comments :smiley:

Gordon, great to meet a fellow Police Squad fan, at some point I’d love to do a Frank Drebin sculpt :wink:

I can’t believe you haven’t posted these here yet! People are going to love them, because they are excellent :smiley:

Thanks AJ! You are single handedly responsible for my inability to eat ice cream and drink coffee due to a guilty conscience! :wink:

Welcome! I’m surprised you haven’t posted here either!

I LOVE these. I LOVED the game too, and can’t wait till the sequel this winter. This is simply beautiful work.

These are all fantastic! :+1:

Thanks for the warm welcome all !!! :+1:

Here’s my first attempt at replicating my Modo lighting and rendering process in Keyshot. The setup was a lot easier in Keyshot, I’m genuinely impressed by it.

Sculpt based on a character from Mayhem by Sarah Pinborough


Trying to think of a word “better” than “beautiful”, “excellent” or “fantastic.” Hmm…Splendiforous! According to Urban Dictionary I am too old to use that word. :angry:

How about “a much deserved top row for simply expressive pieces of art”? Yeah that’ll work. Congrats! :+1: :stuck_out_tongue:

very cool characters … i like the style

Great sculpting love the style of this stuff.

great stuff thanks for sharing…congrats on the top row

Congrats on the top row, you deserve it. Very nice execution and perfect style. Super :+1:

Completely made up with the Top Row, I now have a permanent grin!! Thanks all for the comments :wink:

Totally deserved! I actually went “f*ck yeah!” when the front page loaded in :smiley:

Many congrats indeed. And yes, very well deserved.