Is This Cheating?

Is using software like Makehuman cheating when making base meshes for characters? Just making the base mesh, bringing it to zbrush, and then detailing it up. Or do I have to make all the meshes myself like all the other artists out there?

What’s the legit way?

Mmmmm… yeah, kinda cheating.
Its not a bad way to learn Zbrush but theres gonna come a time when you’ll need to make or alter your own base for some reason so you should learn anyway. Just be honest when posting images from meshes that aren’t yours because someone else did create the makehuman mesh too.

Well, is it a good way to delve into zbrush/animation/etc. if I’m not a good modeler? I AM learning, but not up to par.

I would say that is like asking “Is impressionism art” or “Is performance art.” or “What is a more valid form of art Realism or abstract.” Basically there are going to be people on both sides of the fence adamantly claiming that there way is the best or most valid, and there will be people in the middle who say it is all art and it is all valuable.

That all depends on how you feel about it. If you feel like it’s cheating, why not whip up a quick basemesh just to show yourself that you can do it, then use your plugin or whatever to get the ball rolling on future models?

Personally I just make my own base meshes, it’s gotten to the point where I can build a full body human in only a few hours, then after that I can reuse it for whatever sculpts I need to (so long as it maches the body type for the mesh I built of course)

One person’s viewpoint:
Learn to do it on your own.
Steal everything later.
Best of both worlds

make your own human and use it later as basic for all “human being” related stuff :smiley:

Fair enough. I’m picking up an anatomy dvd :smiley:

Depend on how much you change it…

If its just mior shape modification… Thats not a good idea…

I fyou use there crappy base model, or a poser one, your sculpt it to give wonderfull looking, great texturing and great pose, who cares…

But it’s surely less challenging ans less rewarding…

I have read all of the posts from the artists above. I personally didnt even read something to my liking (if I was the one asking the question)

All of them kinda…sorta told u that it wasnt OK to find another way to do your job.

All I can say is that to me that’s being hypocrite, each artist have their own style… their own vision and none mention that Zbrush is just a tool like many others do not limit your self to just one tool.

Besides thats what an artist is…he takes initiative and creativity so just use your tool and use Zbrush to detail and sculpt.

ps I dont want to offend anyone with this but I want to be realistic.

^ That’s what I felt about the integration with makehuman. It’s pretty good for making BASE meshes, which are already low-poly. My only concern was just using that as a foundation for sculpting, where I would make something completely different within zbrush. Many artists and studios have they’re own “standard” meshes and ones they used before. But I don’t have the time to create an arsenal of meshes for various projects. Also, why did people make that program if no one’s going to use it :smiley:

Just my two cents.

yes and besides… think of all the artists they dont really relie on software such as maya, blender, xis, etc etc —zbrush is uncomparable because of 2.5 pixol painting, clay-like molding yada yada lol… just do ur thing man…
good luck.

You can use whatever You want, but this way you will never be as good as artists who simply knows how to build base mesh. It is like drawing - making a base to detail is VERY important. Don’t think that tone of wrinkles and skin pores will do the job. Base mesh gives proper proportions, shows form that you will work on later. Now - you want to just jump over basics with “one click solution” and get to the more complicated things… Its like running without knowledge of walking.

Just buy Poser for crying out loud :lol:

Sure you can do it. But like they say - just that you CAN, does not mean you SHOULD.

@(v)olotov - yeah… right… - specially in animation department :rolleyes:

Yeah, you are right but I mean all of these are tools to use… “cheating” in this matter doesn’t really apply because for instance are you going to deny even the best artists dont use shortcuts? thats all I see when He asks the question but you are right, you cant just run with out learning to walk. If he is interested in the 3d-multimedia-animation-yadayada field he is going to learn the proper way eventually.

When I began with photoshop I didnt start knowing, (like you say) so I read tutorials, articles and downloaded .psd documents to help me to see–“OH THIS GOES RIGHT HERE…” lol I dont want to fight lets just give him the right to choose. To my point of view, its not cheating because every little thing is helpful for those that want to learn.

As good of a non-answer answer as any is that it depends on your goals. :slight_smile:

whats the problem making your own personal basic human mesh and use it for all sculpts? why using crappy makehuman/poser models? i dont get it.

Well, some hard core modeler could advise to not use the primitives that come along with ZBrush (or any other app). “What is so hard in building your own cubes/spheres/a plane - etc.!?”

I think this is nonsense. Take your mesh, and by changing it - get your own kind of style. You will soon enough feel like doing everything from scratch.
And if not: you’ll be fine just the same.
Ask around in what way folks use mesh extract or how they re-topo things - without even thinking of things like “legal”, “valid” or “cheating”.
As long as you can stand yourself - what’s the problem!?

Every composer is a musician but not every musician is a composer. Depends on where your creativity is centered and what your personal goals are or what commercial opportunities you want to pursue.

Asking the question makes me think that you will quickly be making your own models after you get frustrated with the limitations of the pre-mades, so why not proceed on several fronts simultaneously?


The term ‘cheating’ refers to a breach of rules. There are no rules. So there cannot be any ‘cheating’. But in terms of a value, the mesh made form scratch represents a greater value than the work derived from prefabricated parts.

I lately saw a sign in a high end furniture shop’s spray booth (the place where parts are finished/painted) and that said: You cannot polish a turd!.
So… while texturing or assigning material to a model… keep that simple sentence in your mind. The sentence applies also in the virtual world.

lol agree with alot of you fellow artists I feel theres nothing wrong if he wants to learn like that maybe he just wants to test what hes able to do to that mesh. Once familiar to the software he can start sculpting. I have only one thing to say why is it that EVEN zbrush comes with already made meshes… :lol:
if not for you to help you out…