Is there any way to morp a transform on and off

I would like to do some sculpting on a simple privative looking shape
with normal sculpting brushes like clay, standard brushes

After that use the bend arc gizmo transformer to put an overall bend in the model.

I would like at that point to be able to sculpt on the form some more and also be able switch the overall bend made with the transformer on and off and still retain all the other sculpting stokes that were done

Any way to do that ? Thanks
I did figure out that you can do this with layers but you can not record layers with sculptris pro so sine i need that I am still looking for a solution

After you’ve deformed with the deformer, click Accept in the Gizmo dialog menu. Arc deformations will be applied permanently to the mesh. Then sculpt as required. Go back into the Gizmo deformer to bend the sculpted mesh.

Thanks Torbo8man, Yeah so far that what I was thinking.
But I was hoping to atoate it some how and be able to back to the exact same deform again

Can’t see how that would be possible because as soon as you sculpt you change the bounding box and so the deformer needs to update in order to deform everything.